Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Bailey's Friends account number

I have been contacted by a few of you for the account info for both the Bailey's Friends account number and to ask if we are still in need of money to pay for Jenn and Bailey's medical expenses and Bailey's funeral expenses.

The information for the account is still the same.

You can donate to Mountain America Credit Union. The name on the account is still currently Bailey Grace Blake's Memorial Fund. You can donate to any MACU branch directly or you can go through your local credit union and they can transfer the funds to Mountain America. You can also mail the donations directly to the credit union at the following address:

Mountain America Credit Union
Attn: Bailey Grace Blake Memorial Fund
3451 W. South Jordan Pkwy
South Jordan, UT 84095

If you would prefer to have the account number, please email baileysfriendsfund@hotmail.com and the account number will be sent to you via email. (It was recommended that we not post it on the website.)

The paypal account is also still active and can be used. The email address for paypal donations is baileysfriendsfund@hotmail.com.

Thanks for your continued support. We will continue to update on upcoming fundraisers as we have a couple of different things "in the works" for Spring.

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